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About Us

Once you pick up the phone and make the call to me, Russel, you will be dealing with a private individual who has been buying property for cash for the last 23+ years.

I have a great reputation for being honest and reliable and will tell you the truth. I will let you know what you could expect to get for your property if you wanted to wait 6 – 9 months and use an estate agent, and then I will tell you that I can buy your property in 7 days for CASH for a discount on the market value.

I will be honest and tell you that, as an investor and house buyer, I need to make a profit and a return on my money, so if you are expecting the full market value a quick cash buyer is not the route for you.

I will make an offer and stick to that offer, I won’t send in a surveyor and then come back to you with problems to get the price reduced. I won’t say I pay 100% of market value and then try and talk you into dodgy schemes with delayed payment.

I will do exactly what I say: make you an offer and buy your property for cash and fast.

So how does it work?

  • You call Russel
  • I view the property
  • I make you an offer
  • You instruct a solicitor and I will pay your reasonable legal fees and, yes, you can use any solicitor you like. If you need me to suggest a solicitors to
    independently act for you I am happy to do that too.
  • Once all the paperwork has been provide and the local searches have been received I will exchange contracts within 7 days of that date.
  • We agree a completion date
  • The monies are transferred to your solicitor
  • It’s as simple as that